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Google Launches New VR Series

Google announced a new virtual reality series earlier this week, officially debuting Austin City Limits: Backstage and providing owners of its VR solutions with an opportunity to take a more in-depth and immersive look at longest-running music program in the history of television. Developed in collaboration with Austin, Texas-based storytelling

Shooting Rampage; Dogs Saved; Viral Sea Lions: Top CA Stories

It was another busy news week across California. Missed the headlines on Patch? Whether you're looking for breaking or bizarre news, or sweet or silly features, we've rounded up some of the most share-worthy stories from the past week. From another deadly mass shooting in California,

ट्रम्प के अंगरक्षक क्या 'नकली हथियार' पहनते हैं? इन चित्रों के बाद अटकलें उड़ती हैं वायरल

डोनाल्ड ट्रम्प को संयुक्त राज्य के 45 वें राष्ट्रपति के रूप में शपथ दिलाई जाने के बाद, वह और उनके परिवार ने 2.5 मील की दूरी पर व्हाइट हाउस के लिए चलाया। पैदल चलने के दौरान, कई लोगों ने देखा कि उनके अंगरक्षकों में से एक हथियार एक छोटे

Maryville teen to have open-heart surgery, story goes viral

MARYVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)-- Corey Rayfield's heart is so big its reached Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, Las Vegas, Nevada and Tijuana, Mexico. "I didn't know that many people would care," said Rayfield. The world's love for Rayfield grew wider from countries like Canada and even Austria. Strangers sent well-wishes to Rayfield using the

The Tesla Semi already has some big-name reservations | Viral Stories

The new Tesla Semi has already found some high-profile buyers, with Walmart and more confirming they’ve placed reservations for the all-electric truck. Unveiled last night, the Tesla Semi does away with traditional diesel engines altogether and, like the California automaker’s cars, replaces them with high-powered electric motors. The big pitch